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Come 22nd August 2015 I will have been married for 45 years and well worth all the ups and downs. Highly recommend marriage


That said it was some five years after that fantastic day that the penny finally dropped and I fully understood just how important a girl's wedding day is to the girl herself.


I often joke with brides that they 'pop out of the womb' planning their big wedding day whilst with grooms it suddenly hits them the day before the wedding. So let's see if we can avoid most of the pitfalls I made.

Wedding Vehicles

You may have been delegated the task of booking the wedding vehicles, or this may have been assumed by your Bride's parents, you may have even past the buck to your Mum to organise. So let us get you back some credibility and win you some brownie points. 

The £250K Wedding Car the Bride "Declined"

Gull Wing Bristol
Not quite a Wedding Dress Friendly vehicle

This Gull Wing Bristol was even free of charge courtesy of The Best Man.

The Bride, being fully aware of her wedding dress insisted in organising her own wedding vehicle - inset photograph.

Once all back at the reception venue the bride quite jovially demonstrated just how far into the vehicle she was able to get.

Game, Set & Match


Personally I am a petrol head and just love big flashy old fashioned cars that have big chrome head lights and a drop down roof. Small racy open top sports cars also appeal very much. But stop and think for a second. Your girl would have spent weeks planning and hours on the day getting her makeup and hair done and you want her to travel to your wedding ceremony in an open topped vehicle.?????? with the wind, hopefully not rain, destroying not only her hair and makeup but more importantly her whole self confidence. 

That most important of all wedding journeys

This is without any question of doubt the journey from your Bride's house/hotel to your wedding ceremony venue. It being absolutely essential that your girl can arrive at your wedding looking and feeling exactly as she has planned to look and feel for many months (if not years) before regardless of the English weather.

Bridal Mystique

Unfortunately (at the planning stage) and very fortunately (on the Wedding Day)

wait until you glance over your shoulder on the day and see your Girl walking down the aisle - at image that will be branded on your mind for ever more - you may not be privy to any information regarding your Bride's wedding dress. So you have to plan without knowing what exactly to plan for (have a chat with your Girl's Mum)

Test potential vehicles you fancy

Unsure about the vehicle you want - well that's any easy test - wrap a duvet around yourself and see how easy you can enter and exit your chosen vehicle with style and elegance (roof up and roof down) then ask your self 'could my girl do this'

So many 'viewings' are carried out in jeans & trainers with little consideration to the use and wedding attire on the day.

Finally on Grooms Stuff

Should you, maybe with influence from your Bride's Dad, really want a 'Boys Toy' vehicle then please reserve such a vehicle for the journey from wedding venue to reception venue. If an open top vehicle arrange with the Bride's Mother for a large head scarf for the Bride (now your Wife) so she may do a 'Lawrence of Arabia' style and safeguard hair during the journey.


Hopefully I have given you some food for thought but please relax, book your wedding transport with us and I will willingly chat (via email or telephone) with you, as I will do with your Bride in confidence to ensure your Wedding Day works at a level you may not yet have considered.