London Wedding Taxi Wedding Services

Quick 'At a Glance' Summary:

  • London Wedding Taxi - immaculate inside and out - weather permitting
  • Driver - smart-suited & booted with no attitude problems
  • Wedding Ribbons, Grill Bow, Grill Flowers in White or Ivory
  • Seating for five passengers - recommend fewer passengers for Bridal journey to safeguard Wedding Dress
  • Bridal Collection Address - Vehicle in immediate area one hour before required time
  • Bride's home/hotel - vehicle will arrive ten minutes early for Bridal reassurance/ pre departure photographs
  • Bridal Journey - to wedding Venue The Most Important Journey of the Day
  • Bridesmaids 1st  - Two trips no problem and Free of additional charge providing the Bridal Schedule is not compromised. Ten minutes each way between home and venue being the safe and realistic time scale
  • Wedding Venue - The vehicle will remain at the venue during the ceremony - personal items can be left in the vehicle
  • After Ceremony - Natural social gathering and photographs - always a difficult time scale to gauge - Relax and enjoy Your Day the vehicle will wait.-see next topic
  • Three Hour Standard Booking - This allows for a very relaxed schedule and format throughout the day. Sometime a shorter hiring can be agreed but please be wary of generating wedding transport that resembles a 'running for a bus' time scale
  •  Newlyweds to Reception - The Most Enjoyable Journey of the Day - It being the first private time you get together to chill out, relax and catch up on each others morning. -  so please consider
    • Traditionally the 1st to be 'SENT OFF' from the Wedding Venue - as it should be
    • 1st to arrive at the Reception Venue - Do you really want to be the 1st to arrive at your own empty reception?
    • Getting Lost en-route - Giving Family and Friends time to get there first and welcome you in with a round of applause
    • Two trips to reception venue - Strongly advise against as encroaches in Newlyweds private time
    • Photographer travelling with Newlyweds - Always thought this to be a liberty - they should have their own transport and be set up at the Reception Venue to photograph your arrival.
  • Colour Themed Weddings - We can provide coloured Wedding Ribbons & Grill bow which may incur a small extra charge.
  • Champagne -  We can provide exceptional practical facilities for champagne - completely hands free facility for flutes and bottle - so none of the standard 'please hold my glass dear' associated with other vehicles.
  • Prices - Please visit our Prices Page
  • Areas Covered - Please visit our Areas Covered page - if in doubt about your venue area please ping me an email

You - Your Wedding Day -Your Wedding format and transport you require

Being a far more accurate approach to this page as it is all about you and your wedding. Our job at the early planning stage being to advise and make suggestions on how you may be able to enhance your day and avoid any potential pit falls. 

On your Big Day our job is to support you, keeping your stress levels to a minimum, helping with wedding dress and ensuring that no one rushes or hurry's you along at a speed you are not happy with 

We will also liaise with your photographer and other service providers to ensure your days runs smoothly.

The practical wedding cars for the Bride’s wedding dress 

Our white London wedding taxi service is dedicated to the Bride on her very special day. During the preceding months we at wedding will build a rapport with the bride boosting her confidence.  On the Big Day she will relax knowing that it will be a friend who will be driving her to her wedding..

You may also find some of the following services quite unique and only available in a wedding taxi provided by wedding

Low Cost Wedding Cars Sussex

We know that each wedding is a very personal and Individual occasion. We will seek to tailor our wedding taxi services to meet the exact requirements of the Bride & Groom. From a wealth of practical experience we will willingly work with you to put together your ideal wedding taxi transport format.


All our London wedding taxis are specially prepared to ensure your wedding photographs associated with the wedding taxis are perfect for posterity and that the bride's wedding dress is not marked during entry/exit from the London wedding taxi.

London Wedding Taxi -Wedding Formats

We provide wedding taxi transport formats that span the traditional to the comprehensive wedding taxi package.  On all confirmed bookings we forward a detailed decoration and journeys required schedule and willingly work with you to fine tune all arrangements as the Big Day draws nearer - when you are more aware of the details.  We would not expect you to have finalised all collection and arrival times at the early planning stage.  Our main concern is to be able to reserve your chosen London wedding taxi and open a frank and friendly line of communication. 

Please note -

We are an established wedding service provider not a taxi service fitting weddings in-between other work.

Every wedding vehicle is in the immediate area of the Bridal collection address one hour before the booked time.

It will arrive at the Bridal collection address early for your peace of mind and if required pre departure photographs.

We only allocate one wedding per day to each vehicle, should you require extra time on the day the vehicle will be available and not rushing of to another wedding.


After the honeymoon

Unique Wedding Car Ideas

 Nicola and Ben wrote


Thank you for the photo show it is great and will definitely fill the gap for our family. (Nicola & Ben took the option to ‘get lost’ en route to the reception to chill out on their own). We will be recommending you to any of our friends who are getting married – thank you for assisting us with making our day so special.

Matt & Natalie wrote:

Doug, Many thanks for the copies of your photos, which were fantastic.

We just wanted to pass on our thanks for your fabulous service on our wedding day. It was a wonderful day made all the better by your kind and courteous service, we couldn't have asked for better.

All of the guests were most impressed with the cabs. Once again many thanks and if any future clients require a testimonial feel free to contact us.

Milly, the bride at St. Paul's Cathedral, sent the following on a hand written card:

Imperial Wedding Cars Sussex

Dear Doug,

I am writing to say a massive thank you for the superb wedding taxi service you gave us on our wedding day at St. Paul's. From start to finish you were amazing, the beautiful taxi, the great driving, the calming influence and all the little touches such as the magnets on the taxi and appearing out of nowhere with much needed water - as well as arranging the impromptu toilet stop! I couldn't have asked for more.The anniversary magnets brought the house down during the best man's speech and you really kept me calm during the day. My only regret is that I didn't get to say goodbye and thank you in person. I will be recommending you to all my friends. 

Wedding Car With Free Champagne


Champagne Facilities


This facility always available in the white wedding taxi TW04 WED.

Champagne unit - this will secure a standard sized bottle of champagne and  allow you to rest your drinks without fear of spillage on wedding attire. White linen napkins and tall champagne flutes are also provided. The champagne flutes we provide are 22 centimetres (7 ½ inches) tall, high quality acrylic yachting flutes. As you will appreciate real glasses have to be no no for your safety.



Taxi Wedding Cars
The Bride Now The Wife
Best Wedding Cars Sussex
That magical Champagne moment
Classic Wedding Cars Surrey
The Groom Now The Husband - Yes Dear

Without doubt some form of liquid refreshment is more than welcomed by the Bride & Groom after the marriage service. Enabling both to relax and naturally enjoy the social gathering and that very important photographic session after the wedding service.


Your Wedding Taxi deliberately "Getting Lost"


As the Newly Married Couple you will be the first to be ‘sent off’ from the wedding venue, however do you really want to be the first to arrive at the (and walk into an empty) reception venue?

Would it not be far better to walk into an applauding and welcoming reception?

Wedding Taxi. com are probably the first and only wedding transport service to fully appreciate the ‘depart first’ and ‘arrive last’ requirement and actively promote the ‘Getting Lost’ format twix ceremony and reception.

Journey from Wedding Venue to Reception Venue

The job satisfaction in seeing a Newly Married Couple chill out and relax with each other after months of wedding planning is immense. With the added bonus that family and guests have had time to arrive at the reception venue and be ready to welcome the couple’s entrance.

Popular Combined Wedding - Reception Venue


Combined wedding and reception venues becoming more popular due to practical reasons. However it is important that practicality does not remove some enjoyable aspects.

Photographs of the traditional "sending off" of the couple can be achieved by retaining the vehicle for photographs soon after the ceremony. This giving a relaxing interlude and everyone chance for a comfort break.

Newly married couples do truly enjoy that quiet chilling out time on the drive from wedding venue to reception venue - about the only time they will get to themselves during the whole day. This can also be achieved at combined venues by taking the couple away for a short drive soon after the ceremony.

Sara and Alex

Hampton Court Palace Golf Club

Combined Wedding Reception venue

Black Cab Wedding Cars

Sara and Alex wrote

Hi Doug,

Just wanted to say a massive thank you for the role you played in my wedding! As I’m sure you could tell I was a little nervous and stressed at the beginning of my journey, however you made the most important journey in my life extremely stress free! Nothing was too much trouble for you, I so appreciate you pulling over and waiting for my mum to guide her to the venue.

As for the car, I honestly couldn't of wished for anything better. Alex was really surprised and thought it looked amazing.

Thank you again for everything Sara

Book your London wedding taxi transport with Wedding and be assured that all your London wedding taxi questions, wedding taxi emails and wedding taxi telephone calls

will be answered by Doug personally.