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Frequently Asked Questions

Can We Drink Champagne in Our Wedding Car?

Yes! Unlike many wedding car providers, we do allow clients to celebrate their marriage with a glass of champagne in the vehicle.


If you want to celebrate your new marriage with a drink en route? White London Wedding Taxis is able to offer champagne facilities in the rear of the vehicle. These come as standard on our 3 hour hire packages but can be added to shorter bookings on request.

Do We Arrive at the Reception Venue Before Our Guests?

That's up to you. Most customers don't want to be the first to arrive at the empty reception venue. It feels much nicer to walk into an applauding and welcoming reception.


So if desired, we offer the ‘depart first’ and ‘arrive last’ with a little ‘Getting Lost’ between the ceremony and reception.

Can I Choose the Vehicle Ribbons?

Yes. Choose the vehicle ribbons to match your wedding's colour scheme.


White London Wedding Taxi Hire includes vehicle ribbons in a multitude of different colours to compliment your dress, your bridesmaid's dresses or wedding flowers with the price. We can also provide more traditional neutral decorations for those that wish the wedding taxi to become a backdrop for wedding photographs. Whilst we stock many colours, specially ordered colours may incur a small additional cost.

What Happens if the Bride Isn't Ready on Time?

We understand that things can take longer than expected. Especially when you want everything to be perfect. If you're running late, we'll do our best to get you there on time, but remember, the wedding can't start without the bride!

Can We Have Photos With the Taxi?

Yes. If you purchase our 3 hour package there will be time for photos with the wedding car.

Do You Cover North London or Essex?

Unfortunatley, we are unable to cover North London & Essex. 

Can You Take Us Back Home at the End of the Night?

Unfortunately, we do not offer this service.

Do You Offer Photo Booths Too?

Yes. We have a range of Photo Booths that we can offer at your wedding. Please see our sister company's website for more details. 

If you book both a Wedding Car and a Photo Booth we offer a discount.

Pricing FAQs


Frequently Asked Questions About Pricing

Do You Offer Discounts?

Yes, if you book two or more of our wedding cars in Surrey & Sussex we can offer a discount. Please get in touch to find out more.

We also offer a discount when you book a wedding car and one of our photo booths.

Why is There a Minimum Charge?

It's a fair question to ask - As well as the time you are actually with the wedding car going from "A to B" (which we accept can be just a mile or two), there are hours of behind-the-scenes preparation.


The minimum hire charge covers time spent administering your booking, cleaning and dressing the vehicles, pre-deployment inspections, getting the wedding car to you, and then back to base. It also covers the costs of fuel, correct insurance, and the staff/drivers' wages.


Most importantly, it secures you EXCLUSIVE use of a high-quality wedding taxi complete with wedding car service for your special day. This means if you need us a little longer than planned, no problem as we don't have to rush off to another wedding.

Can You Do Two Trips?

Yes - Provided it's not so far away as to risk that all important bridal journey, we will happily also run bridesmaids or mother of the bride to the venue first.


As you have to account for the round trip times, the maximum practical is about a 10 minute or 5 mile drive. Any longer and you risk, your bridesmaids waiting an age at the venue after being dropped off. Just 10 minutes away means the first to arrive waiting 20 minutes for the next person, 15 minutes away, and it's half an hour!


We can also take the role of a second wedding car. A special groomsmen or bridesmaids car for when the bride has selected her own alternate wedding car or is staying at the venue. If two trips are just not viable, we can provide multiple vehicles including a pair of restored Classic White London Taxis.

What Payment Do You Take?

Payments can be made for our wedding taxis via, cheque, online bill payment/bank transfer or PayPal.

Do You Take a Deposit?

Yes. To secure each vehicle, just a £55 deposit is required (£100 for a photo booth taxi), with the balance payable 4 weeks prior to the wedding.


Once we have received your booking form and issued a receipt for the required deposit, we will reserve your chosen wedding cars for your date.

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